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Capital Hitch Truck Caps

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The "Force" high-roof is Jason’s most spacious model



The Jason "Zone" has unique features bring together three key components – styling, value and versatility.

Undercover makes the lightest and strongest
 hardshell tonneau cover on the market!

The Jason "Extreme" features an advanced design frameless - all glass -
 rear door, coupled with side recessed, curved all glass windows which includes rear crank-out vents with screens.

Undercover™ Tonneau Cover is a new standard in lift-top, hard truck bed covers. Quick-release hardware and light weight allow for easy removal and storage.  Weight only 58 lbs. for Full Size Trucks. For smaller application model even less. Undercover™ Tonneau covers weight less than parallel fiberglass tonneau covers.

The Jason "Cyber" features rounded curves with a 
skirted/wrap-over-the-rail design highlighting the trucks styling.

Now with 51 available models, there's an UnderCover made to perfectly fit most passenger trucks including Longbeds for Ford, Chevy/GMC, Toyota, Dodge, Nissan, and others.

Our customers want to 1) Protect their truck and 2) and probably more importantly protect what they are carrying in the bed of their truck from the elements. Whether protecting it in the woods hunting or protecting your purchase from the store until you get it home!. Capital Hitch has addressed that concern of our customers by offering truck caps manufactured by Jason Industries and Undercover. A leader in the Truck Cap industry,  Jason’s story begins in 1972, when like many other successful business of our day, it all started in a family garage in Goshen, In.  They are an American success story…..32 years of sprit and passion show in Jason’s work, people, attitude and commitment. Building the Jason brand is all about enhancing relationships with the customer, and building loyalty based on reputation and trust. This why Capital Hitch has select Jason Cap and Undercover as valuable options for our customers who desire a rugged, quality, good looking truck cap that will enhance your truck. We stand by our manufacturers and our expert installation crew will put any concerns you may have to ease as to installation on any truck. Backed by Jason Caps limited lifetime warranties and our authorized dealer network (Capital Hitch), you can be confident in your choice.

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