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Capital Hitch has the Trailer Parts that YOU need

Welcome to Capital Hitches NEW Trailer Parts online catalog. We are attempting to make it easier for our customers to find specific parts that you need to update/correct your trailer.
Making your searches easier and faster.  When you are looking at a specific such as B-Hubs & Axles and you see what part you are interested in you click "search" in the PDF. This will open a search where you can enter either the number (such as B36 - for a Digital Caliper) OR in the search just enter "digital caliper". The search will list all pages of PDF that "digital caliper" is listed on. It is a fast way to search the document without going through 15 pages of the document.
Please view our Information you may find important. To return back here just click  the back arrow on your browser.
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Specific Areas to view
B-Hubs and Axles
C-Brake Assemblies
D-Suspensions & Fasteners
E-Tires & Wheels
F-Couplers, Jacks and Winches
G-Hitches & Towing Accessories
H-Body Components
I-Boat Trailer Parts
J-Lights & Electrical
K-Locks & Cargo Control
L-Brake Actuating Systems

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