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Protect your vehicle with a Capital Hitch Carport

We live in a beautiful environment in Tallahassee and the surrounding areas. We are blessed by having very tall Oak and Pine trees. These trees are nice to live under and because of their natural cover they protect us. BUT because they offer us great cover in the summer, they also offer something that we DON'T like in the fall and winter. Our trees make a mess in the fall and winter losing their leaves and wreaking havoc on our vehicles. Be smart and protect your truck and car inexpensively by investing in a quality carport. The manufacturer we represent is T-N-T Carports in Mount Airy, North Carolina. With the weather in the Carolina's T-N-T knows what it takes to produce a sturdy, quality carport for your home or business.

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TNT Metal Buildings Inc.

to withstand 120-130 MPH Wind

The strongest deluxe carport

Protect your vehicle from the elements that will reduce its value and harm its look!

We also have many options such as closed ends and sides, windows and walk-in doors and much more. For the options available, please contact our experienced sales department, or come down and let us show you our carports.

12 GAUGE - 130 MPH WIND   12 gauge=.0800"
14 GAUGE - 120 MPH WIND   14 gauge=.0747"

12x21  18x21  20x21  22x21  24x21 
12x26  18x26  20x26  22x26  24x26 
12x31  18x31  20x31  22x31  24x31 
12x36  18x36  20x36  22x36  24x36 
12x41  18x41  20x41  22x41  24x41 

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