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Adrian Steel


If you want more information on Adrian Steel products, stop by our store, give us a call or email us with your questions


Adrian's products are designed on a modular concept that makes creating a custom layout for full-size and mini vans easy.  Drawer and cabinet modules, partitions and data files give you exactly the storage space you need-right where you need it. A full line of boxes and racks for pick-ups is also available. Trade specific packages offer interior layouts with the needs of your service in mind. Each is arranged with new specialized accessories that maximize space, efficiency and organization. 

Trade packages are available for:
 General Contractors

PHVAC Cable TV and Telephone
Electrical Contractors Appliance Service
Plumbing Contractors Alarm and Locksmith
Storage Shelf and General Service


You have come to the right place if you are looking to make the most of the space in your cargo trailer. Choose from our large selection of cargo trailer accessories and equipment, including shelving units, drawer and cabinet modules, lockers and storage bins, workbenches and ladder racks. Carry ladder and sheet goods with a utility rack or the side mounted ladder rack. Carry ladders inside the trailer with the Ladder Keeper interior ladder rack. Take a look at the pre-designed trade packages for ideas on how to organize your cargo trailer, or design your own with the shelving, drawers, storage bins, cabinets, and other cargo trailer accessories.

Adrian Steel packages for new vans and trucks can be ordered through your dealer at the time of purchase. This convenient option allows you to figure the equipment and installation into the cost of the vehicle. Capital Hitch Service can help you eliminate loose stock, cluttered parts, scattered tools, misplaced orders and lost manuals.  We will get you organized with a custom or trade specific "Workshop on Wheels" from Adrian Steel. All modules are quickly and expertly installed by our service department.

Stow-All floor storage units and drawers are easy to open and close because of the smooth roller glide. Drawers automatically re-latch when closed to keep materials safely locked. Stow-Alls accommodate items up to 48" in length.

Drawer units hold boxed parts and loose items with ease. The locking door kit at the bottom furnishes plenty of secure storage.

Adrian's Grip-Lock and Cargo racks offer the capability of carrying ladders, pipe, scaffolding, plank or sheet goods. They are available for vans and pick-ups.

Appliance service packages have cabinets, drawers and shelves to organize parts. Lockable areas protect tools and equipment. Tank holder and literature files are easily accessible. Removable polypropylene drawers hold small boxed parts such as valves and faucets.

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